Character - Advanced Settings (A)

(A) ADVANCED: This section is aimed at advanced users.


Advanced settings control the fine details of the characters movement, adjust with care. The following options are available:



Remember: If you get stuck press the Reset To Defaults button to bring back the original values.



Terminal Velocity

Hard limit on how fast your character can fall. Must be smaller than 0. For a 1 to 2 unit high character a value of -15 to -30 is suggested.

Feet Look Ahead

How much further, beyond the bottom of the feet, to cast the ground colliders.


Effects ladder detection, landing detection, etc.

Grounded Leeway

The time after leaving the ground for which the character is still considered to be grounded.


Primarily used to allow the character to jump just after it has ran off the edge of a platform.

Grounded Look Ahead

How much further, beyond the bottom of the feet, to check when considering the character to be grounded.


Generally leave the default unless your character is reporting as not grounded when they should be.

Side Look Ahead

How much further, beyond the sides of the character, to cast the side colliders.


Primarily affects wall and ledge detection.

Speed for Ignore Head

The downward speed at which head collisions are completely ignored.


Lower values give smoother movement, but wont work with fast moving vertical platforms.

Switch Colliders

Should we switch colliders when the character changes direction (used for asymmetric characters).


It is best to fix symmetry issues in the model or sprite however sometimes this is either not possible or not practical. See Asymmetric Characters.

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