Ground Movement

In order to move on the ground the character needs a GroundMovement component. A character MUST have at least one GroundMovement.

There are many GroundMovements supplied with Platformer PRO but you should always add the base GroundMovement component called GroundMovement. This provides a custom Inspector which you can use to customise your movement:

Once this is added you can use the custom inspector to browse through available ground movements:

Remember: If you follow the coding conventions then your own movements will appear in this menu too.

Selecting a movement provides details of the movement and gives you an inspector which you can use to customise the movement: 


Ground Movement Types

The list of ground movements is not fixed, here we detail two of the basic ground movements. See information, tooltips, and code documentation for more details on individual Ground Movements.


Ground Movement - Digital - Basic

Ground movement which has only 3 speeds: NONE, LEFT and RIGHT

The simplest of ground movements, this movement has only one variable which is the characters ground movement speed.


Ground Movement - Physics - Standard

Ground movement which uses drag and acceleration to give physics like movement.

The standard physics-like implementation from which most others extend. It has a number of settings for controlling how the physics works:



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