I wish to understand Platformer PRO

Timing: 8+ hours to complete.


For those who want to get a better grasp of Platformer PRO before starting their own project this article suggests a path of study which takes a bit longer than the quick start.

Don't worry its called study but it should be mostly fun!


Initial Reading 

A lot of the articles in this documentation are marked with an (I). Its a good idea to read through all of these as a starting point. Even if some things don't make sense right now, as you move through the tutorials things will become clearer.

Platformer Pro Game Manager (I)

Characters (I)

Colliders (I)

Input Basics (I)

How Movement Works (I)

Animation Bridges (I)

Platforms (I)


Intro Tutorial

There are a set of video tutorials available on Youtube which cover building a basic game from the ground up:




Additional Tutorials and Walkthroughs

Check the Youtube playlist here for more tutorials and walkthroughs of specific features:

Tutorial Playlist


Join the Forum



Quick Start

Armed with the knowledge you have gained you may want to go through the quick start: 

Quick Start


Read Everything

you should be well on your way to understanding Platformer PRO, the next step is to read everything ... including the Full API Documentation if you are feeling brave!


Build Stuff

The best way to learn is to do, so get building!



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