UI Overview

Platformer PRO includes a number of UI scripts and components which make it possible to get a user interface in to your game with zero coding.

Even if you wish to use your own UI components, you may want to browse the code of the included UI components to get ideas about the best way to connect UI to Platformer PRO.

There are several classes of UI components:

Menu System - A system for defining menus.

UI Screens - Full screen overlays shown on start, pause, or game over.

UI In-game Components - Small components that show in game details like the number of lives a player has or the items a player has collected.

Level Select Screen - Found in the Alien sample this allows you to build a SMB3 like level select screen.

Platformer PRO also includes a simple tweening and FX system which can help add some visual flair to both the UI and to in-game components.

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