Wall Sliding

There are many different wall slides available in Platformer PRO. You can see some samples here:



Basic Setup

The basic steps for setting up a wall slide are as follows:


  • Add a WallMovement to your character GameObject or one of its children.

Remember: Like all movements this is given priority based on its position so its best to move it high in the list so it takes priority over your default AirMovement.

  • Select one of the available WallJumps. In this sample we use about Wall Jump/Standard.


Remember: You can hover over a fields label to see details of what it does.

  • Select your Character GameObject and open the layer settings

  • Choose how your character detects walls, either sliding on all walls, or sliding only on walls with certain tags or in a certain layer.




The controls differ for each Wall slide but for most you press towards the wall to slide and the jump button to jump away from wall (wall jump). Some have different control options.

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