My character bounces between climb and fall when I hold UP on a ladder

If you have a dismount of TOP/BOTTOM on your ladder then the character requires a Passthrough Platform to stand on.

If you take a look at the Ladder in the CommandBro sample you will see a sample ladder with a passthrough.


To fix this problem:

- Add a passthrough platform with an edge collider (preferred) or Box2D collider.

- Ensure the top edge of this passthrough platform collider aligns with or is slightly above the Ladders BoxCollider2D

- - - 

If you still see the issue its likely your 'look ahead' settings aren't correct. Platformer PRO uses the feet look ahead to find ladders (and other platforms), and the grounded look ahead to find the ground.


Your feet look ahead should be larger than your grounded look ahead and typically it is MUCH larger. To fix:

- Go to Character Inspector and open the Advacned Settings.

- Set Feet Look Ahead to 0.3f*

- Set Grounded Look Ahead to 0.1f*

*Note this change may affect items like non-rotating slope behaviour, landing behaviour, etc. The values here are just a suggestion.


Note: If you are using also using a Rope Movement make sure to check the box "Only Climb Ropes" in the Details settings.

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