Left/Right Direction Facer

The Left Right direction facer (LeftRightAnimatorOverrideDirectionFacer) uses a different set of animations for each direction via the use of an AnimatorOverrideController.

Typically used when you have a character who is not visually symmetrical (for example see Bionic Cop with his Bionic left arm).




Controller Link to the AnimatorOverrideController to use for the alternate directions
Flip Left and Right If false then the right facing animations are the default and the left facing animations are the override. If true its the other way around.
Flip Sprite Offset If true then the x offset on this GameObject will be flipped when facing direction changes. Usually true.


Setting up An Animator Controller Override


Because Unity's documentation is not very detailed we elaborate the set up here. 

  1. Start by creating a normal character animator controller with all the animations for a given direction (usually right).
  2. Use the asset menu (Asset -> Create -> Animator Override Controller ) to create a new override controller.
  3. Assign your normal Animator Controller to the Controller field of the new Animator Override Controller.
  4. You should notice all the animation states form your original controller appear in the list. Add the substitution animation will be used when the character is facing in the opposite direction.


Note: You can leave some of the animation states blank if you don't wish to override them.


Warning: Don't use the same animation for more than one state in your original animator controller. Instead duplicate it and rename. For example if you use an animation called AirAnimation for both AIRBORNE and FALL states, you should instead use two copies of the same animation by duplicating and renaming.


Warning: Some Unity versions have problems with animator override controllers, avoid using Unity 5.1.0 through to 5.2.2. 

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