UI Panels

The UI is made of a number of panels which are instances of UIGamePanel. Panels provide a grouping for a collection of UI components.


Often specific panels will override the UIGamePanel in order to update the panel with specific game data (for example a scrollable list of buildings).


UIGamePanel has two Key methods:

Show() - Hides the currently visible panel and shows this panel.

Hide() - Hides this panel.


UIGamePanel also includes the static method ShowPanel(PanelType panel) which can be used to easily show the default panels.


Included Panel Types

The following panels are included:

UIBuildingInfoPanel Shows controls for interacting with a specific building.
UIBuildingSelectPanel Shows a list of buildings with buttons allowing you to buy them.
UIButtonSwitchPanel Provides a Click() method which can be used to switch to one of the default panels.
UIOccupantSelectPanel Shows a list of occupants that can be recruited fora given building.
UIOccupantViewPanel Shows a list of occupants in the currently selected building.
UISellBuildingPanel Shows a panel which can be used to sell a building for gold or resources.
UISpeedUpPanel Shows how long is remaining on an activity and provides a cost button (typically in Gold) which can be used to complete the activity immediately.


The Custom Battle extension also adds two more panel types:

UITargetSelectPanel Allows user to choose a city to attack.
UIBattleResultsPanel Shows the results of a battle.



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