2D Animation Hints and Tips

In order to use the 2D Animation Bridges there are a couple of rules to note:


1. Animations must have at least 2 frames.

Rationale: Mecanim has some issues with short animations, and we can't reliably determine if a one frame animation is playing.

Tip: If you have one frame animations make them 2 frame animations with the same frame repeated.


2. Avoid using the same clip for multiple animation states

Rationale: Mecanim overrides don't work with the same clip name repeated. 

Tip: Duplicate animation clips and rename in order to provide a clip for each state. This is only a 'hard' rule if you are using overrides. If you are not using overrides we still suggest this approach (mainly because its easier to manage and maintain), until you get to the optimisation stage.

As an optimisation step if you are not using overrides you may reuse clips.


3. Use the loop setting on the Animation Clip

By default all your animations will loop, and often things will work fine with this setting... until they don't. You should set the loop setting that makes sense for the clip, for example:

  • Jump is not a looping animation, airborne is.
  • Ledge Climb is not a looping animation, ledge hang is.
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