The Basics

Idle Clicker Kit uses a simple approach befitting for a simple genre. Almost all new behaviours are added to your game by dropping prefabs on to the UI Canvas.


Minimalist Idle Game

Steps to build the simplest possible idle game: a click display and a clicker.

Create a New Scene

1. Create the scene

File -> New Scene

2. Add a UI Canvas



Add a Click Display

1. Drag the ClickDisplay prefab to the Canvas GameObject:

Add a Clicker

1. Drag the Clicker prefab to the Canvas GameObject:

Test it Out

1. Press the Play button and enjoy your game.



Adding Upgrades

Lets add some upgrades to enhance our game.

Add a Click Upgrade

1. Drag the ClickUpgrade prefab to the Canvas.

2. Select the newly Created ClickUpgrade gameObject in the Scene Hierarchy.

3. Name your click upgrade, we called ours 'Sample Upgrade':

4. Press the Play button and enjoy your upgrade.


Note: By Default it will cost 10 clicks to buy the upgrade and the upgrade will boost clicks by 3. You can change these values in the inspector for the ClickUpgrade component.


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