Offline Clicker

The offline clicker generates clicks even when the player has the game closed. Clicks are generated in to 'storage' and there are various options for how clicks can be collected.

Offline are sometimes called 'advisors' who generate revenue/clicks/etc for you.


Offline Clicker Fields

Click Amount Mandatory The number of clicks added each time the auto clicker fires.
Time Interval Mandatory How often the offline clicker generates clicks.
Storage Optional How much can be stored in this offline clicker. 0 means unlimited storage.
Collection Type Mandatory

How are the clicks collected from storage. There are three options:

AUTO_WHEN_FULL - The clicks will automatically be collected when the storage is filled.

MANUAL_WHEN_FULL - The user must click the storage to collect and can only do so when the storage is full.

MANUAL_ANY_TIME - The user can click storage at any time to gather what clicks have been stored.

Storage Increases ... Optional If checked then storage will be multiplied by upgrade level. Else storage remains constant.


Base Upgrade Fields

SeeBase Upgrade

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