Upgrade Details Text

The Upgrade Details Text allows you to easily construct information about any given upgrade. The text is derived from the upgrades themselves so you can easily use it in prefabs, etc. The Upgrade Details Text component should be on the same Game Object as a Text component.


Upgrade Details Text Fields

Label Type Mandatory

The type of details to show. The optional are:

NAME - Show the upgrade name.

DESCRIPTION - Show the upgrade description, substituting variables where applicable.

ALT_DESCRIPTION - Show the upgrade alternative description, substituting variables where applicable.

MIXED_DESCRIPTION - Show the alternate description if the upgrade count is bigger than 0 (i.e. at least one upgrade has been purchased). Otherwise show the base description.

COST - Show the upgrade cost.

MAXED_NAME - Show the name with "(MAXED)" after it.

Upgrade Optional Reference to the upgrade to show details for. If blank the component will search for a BaseUpgrade (or subclass) in its parents.
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