Main Differences between Version 1.x.x and Version 2

Platformer PRO 2 adds the following features:

  • Create custom items in the new Item Editor. Without a line of code you can create:
    • items that add money or score
    • weapons that change attacks and damages
    • armour that adds defence
    • items that restore or set stats like health, lives, breath, ammo
    • power-ups (similar to before but even easier)


  • A full inventory and equipment system including:
    • Inventory Size and custom Equip slots
    • Inventory and Equip UI
    • Drag and drop or keyboard input
    • Use from inventory, rearrange inventory, equip from inventory


  • Fully automated persistence
    • Choose what you save and when you save it in the Editor
    • Save everything from item position to enemy state


  • Minimap system
    • Create rooms or zones
    • Show items and doors on the map
    • Have a minimap, full screen map or both
    • Show characater position on the map
    • Automatically create camera zones from the map


Plus lots of minor features:

  • Better support for multi-player or multi-character games
  • Integration with and samples using Unity Tile System
  • Better collision handling for complex passthroughs
  • Adds movement classes directly or select from the drop down list and get the same custom UI in both
  • Charge attacks (megaman style)
  • Lots more...
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